That "Football with Bob" picture.......

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I watched the service [with much love and affection] from my home in Ireland. The service showed a picture of Knocker and Bob Marley after a football match. I'm standing behind Knocker in the picture. So I thought I'd tell the story of how that picture came to be.....

Island records 1977....I returned to the office in St Peters Sq. after a lunch time "session" in the Cross Keys and I bumped into Knocker

"Scotty, you doing much?" says Knocker, "not really' says I. "Good, I need someone I can trust to deliver an urgent parcel To Bob Marley in Chelsea" "No problem" says I . Knocker was most insistent that the parcel was only given to Bob. As I walked out of the door to my car I turned to Knocker and said " must be important then". "Not really" says Knocker "but if you give it to anyone else they'll smoke it first!!

So with half a gallon of beer inside me and a large package of best JA Ganja on the passenger seat I set off to Chelsea [thinking nothing of it]

I met with Bob who had just returned to the flat after kicking a ball around. "Are you any good?" Bob looked at me and smiled "if you can get a team up, I'll show you who's good"  "No problem" says I , so I went back to Island told Knocker and Rob Partridge of the conversation.... and the rest is history.

We had several games of footy that year between Island and The Wailers. We never won a game and spent most of the time chasing shadows. I know Knocker loved those did we all. 

Thanks Knocker for all those great memories

Scott Millaney