Another night in the Royal Oak

Created by James one year ago

I didn’t realise until I read my wifes story that I’d known John for over 30 years and there was rarely a dull moment !  I recall the Royal Oak before Parky transformed it ; a couple called Steve and Victoria were running it and keen to succeed even if it meant some after hours service !  John and I had been talking rubbish until the early hours - in fact it was 8.20 am when John asked for one for the road. This was when Steves patience left him and he launched into a tirade. John held up his hand and said ‘ I thank you for your company but we will now take our custom elsewhere !’  We left and got the deckchairs out at Crumbly Cottage next door.            I have so many memories of times with John. The more you got to know him you realised how he worked and how sincere he was. He was one of lifed characters, a very memorable one who will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace old love

james dean