Dinner with Daniel and X Factor judge for the day…..

Created by Alex one year ago
I was lucky enough to be invited by Uncle John to one of the last European football matches at my beloved Tottenham Hotspur FC at the now ‘old’ White Hart Lane stadium.
As a big Spurs fan, this was a dream come true.
Before the game I remember walking into the pub next to the stadium, a complete ‘sawdust’ joint with no tables or chairs just a bar with some optics barely hanging from the ceiling. After a very swift drink and a quick exit, we found ourselves in a lift travelling up to an executive box in the stadium. I thought to myself ‘I’ve been caught in a whirlwind here’, old dive to dinner with Daniel Levy! 
I remember John putting his arm around Daniel at the buffet table and shaking his hand to the point that Mr Levy’s feet were no longer touching the ground!
Instead of thinking, wow we had just met the chairman of Spurs I thought he’s just met my Uncle John!
X factor judge for the day….
One morning, I remember Uncle John popping in for a visit, I had the day off and was back at home after yet another breakup.
I remember John asking what I was up to and if I would like to come with him to a music studio in Essex to check out a new girl group that he may potentially work with.
After hearing the words ‘girl group’ I was obviously changed and raring to go in seconds.
I remember John pulling up to the studio and subtly leaning over and whispering ‘If anyone asks, you’re a songwriter who’s interested in working with the group’ With that, he enthusiastically burst out of the car leaving me still seated, quite pale and in a mild state of shock. After a few moments, I composed myself and followed John into the studio, we met the group and I then found myself on a judging panel of 2 while the group performed a number of songs for us, the only thing that was missing was some sort of buzzer or button to press.
I remember using every facial expression known but keeping my mouth firmly shut to ensure I was authentically playing the role Uncle John had assigned me. 
Although I thoroughly enjoyed my day as an ‘X-factor judge’, I am not sure I succeeded as I was never asked to accompany John on one of these adventures again.
I always felt like I had stepped into a whirlwind when I jumped into one of Uncle John's cars, 
I thought anything could happen, I loved him for that feeling.
Love you, Uncle John