French Psychic story

Created by Alex one year ago

One Day before i left France during  my last night there a psychic told me i was going to meet an important music manager in London in the music industry with a very strong energy and personality and that i will buy his flat and that he will open me some doors and that we will work a bit together...i had a laugh and didn't believe a word of it...she even described the man very precisely with physical details age etc...

I had no contact in the music industry in London despite doing well in France as an indie Rock and World music producer

I won t enter in details but i ended up meeting John Following strange circumstances... And all looked like in the description , so i decided to do all the psychic told me to do just for the game although i thought i had less than zero chances especially as John was such a strong character i didn't stand a chance.. First time he talked to me on the Phone i thought i spoke with a Terminator as he just said I call you back with a big voice ... After all went like the Psychic said i told him the story ...he really like it and find me courageous and crazy to tell him the truth...Few weeks after he was coming back with new project from Chris Rea were he was executive producer and i was very surprised he wanted my opinion and give him all my feed backs...he also gave me all Chris Rea cds ...I told him will be nice to do a video to support the project and he asked me if i had an idea...I just gave few ideas like this and then he asked me if i could do it? i was very surprised he asked me to do it...i responded i didn't have material for that but that i could try..He told me he wanted something minimalist anyway for once ...i ended up doing the clip Cry for home that John and Chris really liked then i become friend with Martin Ditcham Chris Drummer John Mackenzie one of his bassist  and many other famous musicians...Later till recently we tried different projects and i was presenting him artists for UM ...he was always very interested and excited with the artists i used to bring him .

So many more stories that i can t write here and that keep for me .

I will remember John as one of a kind with such a great intensity...

John has helped me a lot his own way and without him i would n t have been able to stay in the UK...So i thanks him for ever for that as it changed my life!

God bless you and your family Knocker!