My time with Uncle Johnny

Created by Louise one year ago

I will never forget, I was 18 yrs old and Mum packed me off to the UK to go and stay with her brother Uncle John.

I loved my time in the UK with Uncle John & family especially the time he called me up to come and ride a horse round the streets of London  he was making a video and the horse was not co operating. I remember getting out the cab and seeing my idol..Nik Kershaw...i couldn't believe my eyes and all Uncle John could say is.."get on this bloody horse and get the shit out of here I was riding a horse for Nik Kershaw and Uncle John.

I will never forget the memories and times I had with him. I used to tell all my friends that I had a Uncle that was high up in the music industry. 

I will never forget going to Live Aid with him and sitting with famous musicians...he was a cool Uncle and I'm very sad not to have seen him .

He's up there looking after Mum & Uncle Fred.

RIP Uncle John from your kiwi nice.

See you all on the other side x